Size guide

Poster Size Guide

Our posters are available in two sizes. 12x16 inch which equals around 30x46 cm and 18x24 inch which equals around 46x61 cm. Upon request, we are able to provide you with other sizes - please contact us for further information.

Medium Poster (12x16 inch // 30x46 cm)

Our medium poster comes in a cute 12x16 format which ideally fits less spaceful spots. Mira here, has her Copenhagen poster beautifying the walls of her most precious room - the bathroom.  

Large Poster (18x24 inch // 46x61 cm)

Our large poster impresses with a solid 18x24 inch. It's made for living rooms, bedrooms and office walls. And yes, it will also look great in your cute coffee shop. Please don't stain it, though. Our dearest friend Nick has his XL Copenhagen poster hanging on his studio walls. He won a Grammy. We like to think it's the poster that does the trick for him.